Saturday, August 23, 2014

Earth? One page space supers setting

I am in and out of the desert right now and have been since April. I am working ahead and regular posting will resume as soon as I can put together a buffer, probably sometime next month. I'll start with entries on the Cyclops Wood, the Ruinlands, and a long series of posts on map making and how to put together and run a cosmic supers setting. Here is a bit of a preview of the last.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Planet Eaters 1- with words!

Another preview: my oldest son assires me that webcomics ate supposed to be B&W and abot video games... I am redesigning Ord, down there at the bottomwhich is why he is uncolored.

This is page one, probably the only preview for a while...

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Planet Eaters - color arts.

Taking a break from gaming stuff to work on Cosmic Tales, my comic. It may be a long break. A really long break. I have been drawing non stop for about two weeks. I am making good progress and I really feel that my art is improving. This might be page one out of a projected one fifty or so. I'll get back to gaming stuff at so e point, but imma follow this to wherver it leads. As I said to someone last night, if R. Crumb was a tit man and trying to pass himself off as Jack Kirby, the art might have looked a bit like this.

This story is called the Planet Eaters, btw.

Larger version


And another from later on.

Even the most cursory and abusive comments would be appreciated.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

[map] Cyclops Wood Full

This is the initial campiagn area; after moving through Zimon's Gate, the characters will find themselves at the top of a mountain road that brings them down onto the sotheast portion of the map. Referees could also begin in Dogwall or Molt without too much trouble. Dogwall is a day's walk (more or less) on the other side of the stone bridge, and Molt is upriver on an island in the glacial lake.

Larger version

This was a bitch to draw, btw.


Friday, February 21, 2014

[Map] The Hidden Land at the Sorcerer's Skull

Get a look at it here.

This was one of my two major projects for the last couple of months, and the first time I have really tried to do a large scale callaboration. It was educational on a technical level (to say the least) as it turned out to be several smaller projects as opposed to one big project. It took forever and ever (I started it at the end of field season in late october).

This means I can return to working on my webcomic, Cosmic Tales, which I hope to launch some time this year.